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Palacio Real de Madrid (Madrid’s Royal Palace)

A pity, it was a rainy day. Anyway, we really enjoyed it! These four pictures show the “Palacio Real de Madrid”. And, although they are showing its magnificence, I have to say it looks really great “in real life”! 🙂

Cloudy day, no worries!

I don't like photos. Well, I don't like being there, on the picture, so for good or for bad, these pictures just show the building. I'is really nice!


It's quite difficult to have the whole building in one photo. That's why I took several pictures. A pity we had not the time to enter and visit the public rooms!

A central view

I'd have been taking some 10 more photos! Yes, I know these are very similar, but when I go to a place I like, I can't stop shooting!


Well, I realize right now there is a street lamp just there, haha! 

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