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Old Town Adventures, Rock Climbing, Fun and Prayers For Rain

Hello again now that I’m finally able to sit down I find that I can write but before I do I ask for prayers, California is quite literally on fire between The Carr Fire over in the Redding area and close to us we have two major fires going Thr Ferguson Fire has closed down Yosemite indefinitely and The Donnell family they fear has destroyed Dardanelle’s Resort.  Our local economy is going to take a serious hit and California is now in a state of emergency!  Prayers as always are appreciated

And now on to the fun stuff Friday Amber came up with her boyfriend and Dad and we went to St Charles Saloon For Lunch man the pizza was good but I went there because I wanted them to see the front bar my Grandfather rebuild in the 1970’s he was a well known and respected cabinet maker and woodworker up here!

Headed over to the Saloon to enjoy a delicious pizza and of course Sasparilla

The front bar my Grandfather was commissioned to do before he retired!  Sadly he passed away in 86 shortly before I was nine after a short battle with Leukemia!  He did beautiful work on the bar though!

This bar also serves as a Pub and kids are allowed so we took Little Miss for the day too!

The kids are all seriously growing up lol!

Afterwards I showed them the Mercantile

Actually got a pic of Amber’s Dad too Lol!

Old Miners Cabin


Rock Climbing

Amber, Little Miss and Amber’s Boyfriend!

Nineteenth Century Doll and Child’s Wagon!

Until Next Time

Michelle R Kidwell



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