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The birth of the river Nervión, the origin of the Bilbao estuary, invites us to spend a pleasant day in the company of friends or family in an environment of great natural value. It is in this magical and paradisaical space located between the provinces of Araba, Burgos and Bizkaia, where we find the highest waterfall in the Iberian Peninsula, the Salto del Nervión.

More than 300 meters of free fall in which the water diffuses until colliding with the rock of the mountain. A natural phenomenon that attracts thousands of curious and mountaineers throughout the year, a number that is increased in times of abundant rainfall and thawing. The enormous and incredible beeches and the magnificent views that are obtained from the different routes that travel around the Salto del Nervión, make this corner of our geography a must visit.

Although the Cascade or Salto del Nervión is located in Alava’s lands, the Monte Santiago Natural Monument is located in Burgos, Castile and Leon, the province that provides us the most kilometers of the routes of this environment, a natural monument of great value From which we recommend to contemplate the municipalities of Orduña (Bizkaia) and Amurrio (Araba).


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