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Impressions about Nairobi

The first day was spent in Nairobi (capital of Kenya). This city has both luxury and poverty, and life has not turned out to be much cheaper than in Lithuania (especially for tourists, ‘resident /non-resident’ pricing policies prevail in Kenya).

When it comes to traveling, you can have fun with the local Matatu or Tuc Tuc buses, but you’ll probably get into transport chaos you’ve never seen before in Europe. The safest way to travel for tourists is with Uber or Bolt. By the way, I have read that 80% of roads in Kenya are not paved. Now when I think about how much we have traveled throughout the trip, the statistics are really similar.

Here are some interesting places to visit in Nairobi and near it:

  • The Elephant Orphanage is a home for orphans who have lost their mothers in one way or another. They are raised and released to live a free life. Just keep in mind that visitors are admitted once a day – 11h. And if an elephant falls in love with you, you can even become his ‘parents’, there is a procedure for this. You’ll be able to take a picture with him, talk to him, and continue to get information about him when you leave for your hometown. It is located just 30 min by taxi from Nairobi. 
  • The Giraffe Center is a great opportunity to get as close to the giraffes as possible, and visitors receive giraffe cookies and can serve them to their tall friends. It’s about 20 km from the Nairobi center. 
  • The Kenyatta international conference center is a pretty cool place to see Nairobi from above, though the building is full of guards with AK-47s (still appearing all over Kenya) and they take your passports before you get up to the top. Still, I recommend it despite the bureaucracy.
  • Kibera Slum – We weren’t personally due to lack of time (we looked around while passing), but this is the largest slum in Africa, located in Nairobi. Read more about it online, there are certainly many interesting facts that pull you there to take a step.

Photos of Kibera Slum were made with big zooming because we decided do not step there, so they are not very good ones. 

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