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Colored lights near the sun on the right

Yesterday, we walked 76 km from our house to our boy’s request. He asked us to go to Jumbo, a hypermarket dedicated to the little ones, the “kingdom of toys,” as you like the little one to call it. Europeans know Jumbo, I know what I’m talking about. We went up there because Ricardito, my boy, was missing Vader’s mask and laser swords from the Star Wars. hahahaaa .. do not laugh. What do we do for the little ones do not? I think we are not the only parents who make such gestures. I mean the distance I went to buy them, I do not mean what I bought. Well, there are also cars, trumpet, lego city, plastelina with ice shapes, plates and bidonas for water with Star Wars images, coloring book with pictures from puppies patrol. who has kids knows what they are talking about … and more, many more.

looking at the glass, it was about 1 pm.  I’m surprised to see a wonderful light. I mean, I just saw a piece of rainbow, that’s exactly how it looks like%, right in the sun’s right. outside were -2 * degrees.

It had not rained, and no signs that it was raining were not. I quickly pulled the phone out of my bag and took some pictures so on the car. I can say that what I saw was wonderful, a beauty. Something I had not seen before. I do not know what phenomenon can be. maybe you know, or if you’ve seen something like that, just tell me. is it not just in Norway to see the wonder of bourgeois aurora in the sky ?! We are in Romania! that’s why I was surprised to the fullest. I’m sorry I do not have a professional camera. maybe, with a professional camera, the pictures would have gone out much better. I will continue to introduce you what I photographed with the phone. I hope you enjoy.

little rainbow

Vader..from Star Wars..


colored lights, the little rainbow, here it is seen as being in the sun’s right.

beautiful fun in the house upon arrival. father and son!

my happy babyboy!

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