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Church of Saint George, Sofia

Church of Saint George (Rotonda Saint George). 

It is an Orthodox church built in late antiquity. 

It is located in the inner courtyard between the buildings of the Balkan Hotel and the Presidency at a level a few meters below the contemporary streets of Sofia. 

Considered the oldest preserved building in the city, it was built in the beginning of the IV century, not later than the time when Sofia was the residence of the emperors Galerius and Constantine the Great.


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Written by Georgi Tsachev

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  1. Great pictures of a great old building. I just love that round form. It is a little bit too bad it is surrounded by all those modern buildings. I can just see this type of building maybe in old Sofia (if that section exists at all) just like here in old Quebec City.

    • During World War II the surrounding buildings were demolished and in their place rose this type – Stalinist architecture. Once Bulgaria enters after 1945 in the communist camp, religion is practically denied. Thus, the churches were declining until the beginning of 1990.


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