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Christmas is drawing nearer!

This past weekend was the Christmas Market in my town.  They officially switched the Christmas lights on in my town of Great Yarmouth on 29 November, but I missed that as I had to work.  But From 29 Nov – 1 Dec was the festive market.  This covers quite a large part of the town.  There are marquee’s erected and goes down to the Church where there are more stalls and Christmas goodies to buy.  I didn’t buy anything as usually these Christmas crafts are quite expensive.  But it was nice to look around and see so many people about.  We were lucky with the weather too as it was a bright and sunny day.  It was cold though, but at least it was sunny.   The days previously was dull and rainy.

I do love this time of year.  Christmas has always been my favourite season.  Do you have a Christmas market where you live?  Do you go to look around?


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  1. It is also my favourite festive season. Your town is in mood for Christmas. In the region I am currently living, you won’t know Christmas is around the corner. Things are normal as always. Even you won’t be alerted to the new year.

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