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What’s in a Name?

Set in the Blackbrook Valley, with most of the rural parish falling within the Peak District National Park, Chinley derives its name from the term for ‘wood or clearing in a ravine’ in Old English (“Chinley”, [s.d.]).

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Speaking about…

Charles Wesley, the renowned English head of the Methodist movement in the 18th century, was a frequent visitor to Chinley, together with his brother, John, due to Mr Bennett of Chinley End Farm being a staunch supporter of their struggles against the Church of England. As recorded on the Cote Bank Farm website ([s.d.]), “Chinley at that time consisted of only a few houses before the railway came through and made it the large village it is now.”


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Written by Lois Henderson


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  1. It`s not somewhere I know, although it`s not that far from where I live. To be strictly accurate, it was John Wesley who led the Methodists. Charles made a huge contribution by writing thousands of hymns for Methodists to sing.

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