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The Bridge that connects the best borough

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WOW….an absolute MUST DO when in NYC! What an amazing walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. My mom and I started our walk by taking the subway to Brooklyn. We got off at the first stop (High Street exit). It was just across the street for the entrance to the walking path across the Brooklyn Bridge.

We found it very, very enjoyable and we could walk at our leisure. We did not feel we needed to hire a tour guide. We did a lot of ‘looking’ on the internet before going and felt we had as much history in our minds as our brains could handle. The view of Lower Manhattan, and really most of Manhattan, were specular!

Watch out for the bikers in their biking lanes however. Stay on your side of that bold white lane. The day we walked across there was one artist/vendor about half way across selling his art work. His work seemed to be quality if you are looking for that. However, there were a LOT of vendors on the Lower Manhattan side selling a multitude of things and all seemed very reasonable priced. They even had bottled water there for $1!!! Cheapest we found anywhere on our travels around Manhattan over a 2-day time frame. Enjoy….wear comfortable walking shoes! Take your time!!


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Written by Samantha Lewis


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