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In a birthplace of lord Gautam Buddha

This pic was taken in 2015. It was taken at Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. I feel proud to be born on same country as Gautam Buddha who is called as “The Light of Asia”.

Lumbini is famous as a birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha and also, it features many temples built by many countries from the world to remind the contribution of Lord Gautam Buddha for englighting us about peace.


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    • Oh! I’m surprised to hear that you didn’t know about Lumbini before this post. Now, you know. So, you should come to my country, Nepal and visit Lumbini. Its a great and peaceful place to be there. Also, there are many and many historical and beautiful destinations in Nepal those are worth seeing at least once. I’m not ordering you to do it but only i can do is to request you. Once you are there, you won’t regret for it in your life.

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