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Beauty, Zemuna, Serbia

Gardoš is a city settlement and high ground in Belgrade, located on the territory of the municipality of Zemun. The tower at Gardoš is one of the 4 Millennium towers that the Hungarian authorities raised on the borders of its emperor in honor of Janoša Hunjadi (Ser. Janko Sibinjanin), a great hero, a fighter against the Turks and their presence in the Balkans.

Lido is located at the northern tip of the Great War Island on the Danube River, Zemun Municipality. Lido is a sandy beach that occupies a small part of the island and is not permanently inhabited since the Great War Island is protected by law and urbanization is not allowed. During the summer, there are many bathers on the beach and can be crowded, while in the summer of a quiet place. There are several restaurants on the beach. It was named after Lid in Venice and was originally developed as a wild beach, while it has recently gained significance.


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