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autumn in USA

When the leaves turn yellow or orange and the warm red is the signal to turn to autumn, one of the most beautiful season of the year because the scene becomes more romantic, pleasant weather with sunny weather.

New York

Fall in New York, visit the John Boyd Thacher Federal Park, Albany, or the Hudson-Mohawk Lowlands … will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the scene with contrasting colors. red, yellow of the tree species.


Autumn in Washington will bring to life the majestic beauty of the cascading waterfalls down the slopes and valleys in many directions from the Waterfront Park business district. Tumwater Canyon Forest Blewett Pass, the forest of poplar leaves and shimmering cotton trees when the sun shines gradually down.


One of the destinations that you can not miss in the American Autumn is Maine, which will give you amazing moments. If your journey is multi-companion, head to Acadia National Park and sees the scenic scenery. If you go straight to Grafton Notch Park and enjoy the full flavor of the Maine or scenery. the poetry of Screw Auger waterfall.


Vermont is the largest syrup production in the United States. Falling US tourists is an opportunity for you to enjoy walking and experiencing the process of working on vast pastures or farms. This will be a great experience for you this fall.


Michigan is not only one of the beautiful autumn spots, but also one of the most beautiful scenery in the United States for mountain lovers, hundreds of waterfalls in state parks, especially the Bond Waterfalls, Each stream of water splashing around, softly bending in the woods, you will feel like you are lost in some fairyland.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is America’s finest autumn tourist destination. Here, you can rent a kayak with your friends and explore the lakes of New Hampshire, admire the Thich trees along the shore showing colorful leaves from green, red to golden brown in very eye-catching and other special.

New Jersey

It should be around mid-October and November. New Jersey is one of the fallen American tourist destinations that is attractive to those who come here by the Belleplain State Forest, the blue marsh or Lake Nummy. Visitors to New Jersey, the United States at this time will see the farmer is harvesting, blueberries, a multi-colored picture of the species of trees, white eucalyptus trees, … are planted. interspersed with each other.


To see the beauty of the United States you will have to travel to many places such as Tar Hollow National Park in northern Ohio or other national parks or climb mountains and watch the panorama of autumn leaves brilliant yellow stretching hundreds of miles.

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