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Autumn in England

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England is as beautiful in autumn as fairy tales, romance, simplicity, and enchanting charm.

This fall in England starts Sept. 23 and closes before winter arrives on Dec. 21, The green, yellow, red foliage, the colorful leaves carpet, the house wrapped in a beautiful yellow-red shirt, the field spread with green grass covered with yellow leaves bring peace and many moments. feel.

autumn London

Owning many magnificent palaces, museums, busy shopping malls … it is not too crowded to praise the UK capital where every visitor desires to visit. In autumn, you will enjoy the fresh nature and quiet the leaves in the park turn from green to yellow, red charm. Walking under the crispy yellow foliage or relaxing on the couch is something everyone wants to enjoy.Everyone wants time to stop floating to be able to relax play through the gentle corner dangling flower basket in front of the house and breathe chest sweet fragrance roses. In the gentle Thames, the gulls swept over the water to break the silent space. Far away, tower bell Big Ben pride image in the deep blue sky, beautiful fantasy as in fairy tales. Tower of London, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Westminster monastery … every place abut looks good charm attractive autumn, hard to remove eyes. Go to Buckingham Palace, if you are lucky you will have the opportunity to witness the formal and impressive conversion ceremony.

to the Cotswolds

Approximately 150km from London, Bibury is one of the ideal destinations to explore the fascinating fall of Europe. The picturesque beauties of ancient villas, an ancient church, and the romantic Coln river curved charmed travelers. As the “jewel of the Cotswolds”, since the image of the ancient Arlington Row mansion appearing on a UK passport is also the time when this small village is beginning to reverberate around the world.Wandering around the village, your footsteps will not be tired because they are always swept under the old stone architecture, beautiful. Most of the buildings are built of sandstone with a lifespan of hundreds of years, bold architectural Cotswold. The village is covered in a meditative color, very peaceful and simple.Next, to it, the river flows smoothly, with a greenish color of grass and flowers. Stone curved bridges create old-fashioned beauty but are extremely impressive. Bibury has also been selected as the backdrop for popular films such as “Stardust,” “The Jones Journal.”

Autumn Lake District

Lake District is located in the North West where you can enjoy the perfect collection, to create the most magnificent frames. The Lake District is the largest national park in England, known as a preserve of historic sites dating from prehistoric times. This is the home of Scafell Pike – the highest mountain in England, along with the system of beautiful green lakes. Its beauty has stirred the famous poet William Wordsworth as well as 14 million visitors coming here every year.You will not be surprised when standing in front of the quiet forest is the color of the leaves in the wind. Boating on Windermere – Britain’s largest natural lake, all the splendid scenery of water, clouds and sun-burned forest in the early sun is retracted into the eye as a mysterious slow spinning and shimmering. By the lake, the wooden dock dormant woods quietly behind the leaves is also the ideal subject for you to shoot the computer.

Windsor Castle, located in the capital Edinburgh (Scotland), Edinburgh Castle are beautiful places of interest, but the time to talk about it can be longer than a day to write.

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