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Autumn in Austria

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The town of Hallstatt in Austria looks like a fairy tale, wrapped in yellow brocade leaves. Running along the old Holzhaus style houses are splendid splashes of light under the calm Lake Hallstättersee. The gentle sunbeams through the leaves, pouring lightly to the carpet of bright flowers brighten the space. Long distances are ancient churches with beautiful Gothic architecture dreaming in the sun. And do not forget to visit the peaceful city of Salzburg to immerse yourself in Mozart’s endless love song. Referring to Salzburg, people often think of the genius composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart because this is where he was born and lived more than half his short life. The space in Salzburg is surrounded by music, at mellow, at times creaking happy.

In addition, if you want to look past the architectural past, the castle Hellbrunn may be fascinated by this place with Austria’s oldest motorized cellar, the largest historical fortress Central Europe (Hohensalzburg Fortress), the world’s oldest surviving zither railway (Reißzug) as well as the world’s oldest boulevard (Hellbrunn Boulevard). Also not to mention the famous cathedral of Salzburg was built in the 17th century and is the first Baroque architecture north of the Alps. Salzburg also has St. Peter’s Abbey as the oldest surviving monastery or Nonnberg Abbey – the oldest church for nuns. And if you come to Salzburg, you will definitely want to visit the two houses where Mozart was born and where he lived later. Here, people display the instruments that he used, his handwriting or personal belongings.

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  1. Very idyllic looking scenery. Gorgeous background and quaint looking houses and the church seems very beautiful with high steeple. Austria always evokes music, gentlemanly gestures, waltzes and walks in the moonlight in my mind. Great article and beautiful picture.


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