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Amazing Photos Of Thailand That Will Make You Visit This Place ASAP

Just some gleams of my March escapade / voyage to the exotic Phuket in Thailand.

Phuket was quite the amalgamation between a tourist trap mingled with some soupçon of the local natives, who were mainly crammed up behind the drapes in small shanty villages. Black, shoelace licorice akin telephone cables were hanging 2 meters above the ground, shrieking, “Just wait till it becomes thunderstorm!” Let’s say it looked rather hazardous. Thai’s should cherish not being the tallest people.

As I scrutinized the roads, the contrasts of their cars’d stagger me: expensive SUV’s, BMW’s, Land Rovers and Jaguars would cruise along the dirty quarters and districts. I later figured it was all due to the tourist Industry; Industry, with capital “I”, since a main income of theirs is on the behalf of the tourists – and I indeed felt quite like a daft tourist, with my camera equipment, snapping photos of everything. I wasn’t taking it to the next level of daft tourist-ness though, since I don’t possess a selfie stick.

Anyway, let the pictures speak their own language! I could frankly write a novella regarding my impressions of Thailand – but only to cure insomnia patients.

Kop kun kaap! (Thank you in Thai).

Calm before the storm

Thailand / Bamboo island / Phuket.
This place was utterly insane, btw. Got caught up in a hefty storm, the cruise-boat forgetting my existence as I wandered down here to snap some photos. I observed that they were departing and waved maniacally at them. Managed to force the gushing winds and ferocious waves to climb back onto the boat. (Kinda sounds like the playscript to a superhero movie, if I had just saved someone too).


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