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Amazing Photos Of Thailand That Will Make You Visit This Place ASAP

Just some gleams of my March escapade / voyage to the exotic Phuket in Thailand.

Phuket was quite the amalgamation between a tourist trap mingled with some soupçon of the local natives, who were mainly crammed up behind the drapes in small shanty villages. Black, shoelace licorice akin telephone cables were hanging 2 meters above the ground, shrieking, “Just wait till it becomes thunderstorm!” Let’s say it looked rather hazardous. Thai’s should cherish not being the tallest people.

As I scrutinized the roads, the contrasts of their cars’d stagger me: expensive SUV’s, BMW’s, Land Rovers and Jaguars would cruise along the dirty quarters and districts. I later figured it was all due to the tourist Industry; Industry, with capital “I”, since a main income of theirs is on the behalf of the tourists – and I indeed felt quite like a daft tourist, with my camera equipment, snapping photos of everything. I wasn’t taking it to the next level of daft tourist-ness though, since I don’t possess a selfie stick.

Anyway, let the pictures speak their own language! I could frankly write a novella regarding my impressions of Thailand – but only to cure insomnia patients.

Kop kun kaap! (Thank you in Thai).


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