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All at sea..

I have posted pictures before of ships I have seen dock in the river close to where I live.  I am lucky enough to have lovely views of the River Yare, and often get to see some lovely boats and ships come into the port.  This is one I saw dock the other day, so quickly went outside to snap it with my mobile phone.  The shop was just coming into port and had been in dock about 2 days before sailing off again.  It’s a shame the sun wasn’t shining this day as the image could have been a lot better.  But still, even with grey skies, I think it’s still come out pretty good.  One thing you can’t control is the weather, but nonetheless, it’s still interesting to get some pictures of these lovely ships when they come into port.

There is a Maritime Festival coming up soon in September, so we shall no doubt get some more lovely boats and ships in.  I shall get some more shots as they come into port.  It’s funny, before moving to where I am now, I was never really interested in maritime or the seas, but now it’s quite interesting finding out about what these vessels are, where they’ve come from and where they are going.


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