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A Monochromatic Visit to Silves, Portugal

Silves, just a few miles inland from the coast of the Algarve, is now a quiet dusty town. But once upon a time, it was the capital of the region. A thousand years ago, under the rule of the Moors, it was called Shilb. In those days it was so famous it became known as The Baghdad of the West.

I visited there recently. Here are some monochrome photos of Silves Cathedral (formerly the Great Mosque) and Moorish castle. Please upvote your favourites 🙂

It was the Moorish governor of Shilb who starred in my true romantic tale of the Prince and the Washerwoman: An 11th Century Love Story from al-Andalus. For those who prefer full colour, I’ll soon be uploading more pics of this trip.


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