5 Amazing Islands To Visit

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling and my favorite trips are usually a nice island getaway. I’ve listed (in no particular order) five of my favorite islands to visit.

Bora Bora

Many people regard Bora Bora as the most beautiful island in the world. Having been there, I can’t disagree. You literally can’t take a bad photo there. Enjoy pure paradise from an overwater bungalow. Just look at this photo taken from my iPhone.


A gem off the Southern California coast. Only a an hour away from Long Beach on the Catalina Express, Catalina is home to just over 4,000 residents. The entire town of Avalon is about a square mile so it is very walkable. The wildlife, weather, and water and outdoor activities make it the perfect getaway from LA.


Manhattan is not what you typically think of when “islands” are mentioned. But technically, it is surrounded by water on all sides so it is indeed an island. One of the greatest cities with world-class food, diversity, and landmarks, New York is a must visit for any traveler.


Always near the top of my list, Oahu is the not the biggest island, but is the main island of Hawaii with two-thirds of the state’s population. Oahu has a better food scene simply because there are so many more options. Some notable favorites include Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, Leonard’s Malasadas, Ted’s Bakery, and Puka Dog. Getting married on Oahu’s North Shore, this island will always have a special place in my heart.


My favorite city/country in the world. Singapore is what I call “Asia for beginners” because the official language is English. Singapore is a smart city, where the government uses technology and data to increase efficiencies to better the lives of their citizens. Having been a few times, I can’t stop talking about the safety, cleanliness, efficiency, and food! A true melting pot, Singapore is one island I would encourage everyone to visit at least once in their life.


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Written by chaiger

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