The Beautiful Olanggo Island

Every travel is worth an experience to remember. A chance to tell the world that life is worth to live!

A view of the City by the Sea

There is always peace when you go out from the city! Hehehe. Away from stress... away from all thoughts of life! Its a great escape from the normal! It's you and the sea only, nothing else!

An Islet they called HOME!

What's life when you/I have lived here? What about living for a months or years??? All you had is oneself and the island. No gadgets, no instants! Everything will be manual and back to basic.

Blue and Green is beautiful…

Despite brights lights the city offers, the reality is that naturals are always the best!!! Admit it or not, the simple life early people had before, we strive to live it by now.

What do you think?

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Written by Lovine01

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