My 1st flying lesson – Part 3

Now these are the final photos of my first flying lessons.

It all took about half an hour, but a time that was most memorable. Im grateful to have had this amazing experience and it’s great even just for the once.

I always wanted to see it from a pilots point of view and this was now fullfilled.

#1 Looking down at Brown’s Island

Looking through the window you can see the plane is on an angle

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#2 Rangitoto Island

A volcano, Rangitoto Island which blew up 500 years ago. 

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#3 View of Music Point

Across the Tamaki inlet

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#4 Looking out at farmland

In the foreground, farmland, then Waiheke Island and further back in the distance is the Coromandel peninsula

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#5 View of the Islands of the Hauraki Gulf

A return journey

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#6 Turning around at Kawakawa Bay

Turning around to Ardmore air port

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#7 Further in

A river view

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#8 Farmland

Some homesteads on farmland

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#9 Landing

"Any fool can fly!" Landing is the art of flying, my Dad said that to me. 

Here is the return to Ardmore airport, there is a cross wind so you come at an angle, I did not land the plane but the trainer landed us safely.

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What do you think?

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