10 the most modern cities in the world

In winter time, we usually start thinking and planning our next vacation. And while one people like a quiet vacation in the beautiful beach near the azure sea, others may search another kind of adventures and want to explore most technologically advanced, developed modern cities.

The crazy rhythm of life, great infrastructure, innovations, technological advancements – these are the most modern cities in the world. They are rich in a wide range of sectors: manufacturing, services, tourism. Enjoy modern buildings, interesting urban solutions. I want to tell a bit more about the most innovative cities in the world. For this reason, the list of the ten most modern cities in the world is before your eyes. Get acquainted.

Tokyo, Japan

Rising skyscrapers, noisy streets, bullet-speed trains, technology-driven businesses, and robotics - such is Tokyo. Although the capital of Japan is rich in centuries-old temples, the majestic Imperial Palace stands and there are many other past-prominent attributes, however, today the city is looking forward - there are meeting the world's most powerful leaders and setting up the latest technology-based companies.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most developed and modern regions in the world. Here, not only the spectacular skyscrapers and the exceptional beauty port but also the attitude of local authorities towards innovation, science, and technology, are appealing. You ask, what is this approach? Oh, very simple - argued science and technology ideas - are funded. Every year, since 2011, more than $ 1.8 billion is spent on research and development. Impressive, right? Not without reason, Hong Kong has a large number of large international companies, its banks. Low levels of corruption, a favorable tax system, and good conditions for private business - Hong Kong is definitely on the list of the most modern cities in the world.


Rich, modern, cosmopolitan, tailored to the needs of tourists - such is Singapore. It is a city in which many different cultures meet, so Singapore is often referred to as the gateway to the West and the East. Singapore's economy is based on tourism, with more travelers coming to this city every year than local people live here.

San Francisco, USA

It is a very liberal city whose inhabitants are not afraid to talk about important issues about human rights, equality. One of the features of a modern city, right? San Francisco is also a great home to many companies of world-class. There are companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, eBay, Tesla Motors, etc. Not surprisingly, the city of San Francisco is recognized as one of the world's leaders.

Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish capital Stockholm is the city that is located on 14 islands, and 57 bridges are connecting these islands. Plenty of water, green space and beautiful buildings - this is what sets Stockholm apart from other cities. But that's not all. We can safely name Stockholm as one of the most modern cities in the world. Ask why First of all, because it is now called the capital of European Startups. It provides excellent opportunities for starting new businesses, improving ideas. In addition, Stockholm has its headquarters with world-class companies such as Skype, Spotify or Torrent. This city boasts a stable economy, high-quality academic institutions.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is Canada's largest city. Cosmopolitan, with its cultural diversity, surrounded by beautiful natural beauty, are epithets that perfectly capture the charm of Toronto. However, this city can be proud of high-quality business sectors that bring it to the list of the most modern cities in the world. Although Canada's capital, Ottawa, it can definitely be named Toronto as the capital of the country's business and finance. Here are the central offices of many banks and large companies. Advanced machinery, petroleum, chemical industry. Great attention is paid to the environment, ecology. It is a city attractive both to life and work. Not for nothing, world-class companies are being set up here.

London, Great Britain

London is a very solid and royal city. There are plenty of impressive buildings, bridges, museums and galleries, historical sites that can boast huge funds. And also - business centers, world-class companies, retail chains, etc. London is a city where technological development is rapidly developing, especially in the field of multimedia design. It is a diverse and dynamic metropolis, in which tradition converges with the pace of modern life.

Seoul, South Korea

South Korea's capital, Seoul, is a metropolis with 10 million people! The city boasts a coherence between the historical heritage and the modern world. Here you will admire the magnificent royal palace, and at the same time - huge skyscrapers. Subtle Buddhist temples and modern business centers. Seoul boasts an excellent transport infrastructure, the press and textile industry, electronics, the automotive industry, the steel, and iron industry. Here are the headquarters of brands such as Samsung or LG.


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