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Writing Site Rip – 9

M.Q. and his pals, confronted by users of their site,  who knew he was playing with their hits, decided to get rid of them.  

Staff writers, who earned the most, (80%) needed to be slapped down to Writer.

Writers earned 50% of their hits.  

If/When then the Staff Writer complained about being demoted,  then M.Q. would drop them to Members, and confiscated their work.

As all work belonged to the site, and as everyone had clicked “I Agree”  without reading it,  M.Q. and his people had another cash cow;  they’d earn from work stolen from those who had been their writers.

Although the first dropping from Staff Writer to Writer to Member had been done out of anger and annoyance, the brilliance of the scheme was grasped by M.Q

Just as he and his Shills earned from the unpaid writing of Members, by stealing the work of good writers, their pockets would bulge.

What do you think?

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Written by jaylar

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  1. I guess it’s always like that…
    or they have this impossible to reach “minimum” so that you’re trapped with no money and you’ll continue to reach that “hole” oh, I mean “goal”.

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