When You Get Your Computer

When you get that new computer, (or if you’ve had one for a while)  there are things you need to do to protect it and prolong its life.

The first thing you do is run a defrag.

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There are usually programmes fully bloated on your computer which do this. Search though what is already on the computer. If you can’t find such a program get one.

The second thing you do is download a browser other than the Windows Explorer which comes on your Windows machine.

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There are a number of Browsers, from the very popular Chrome to the unknown Maxthon. I usually use an ‘unpopular’ browser because if anyone has designed a hack, they expect me to be running Chrome or Firefox.

Do a bit of research, then download one you’d like to try. I usually delete Explorer after I download.  You might keep it until you find your perfect browser, then delete it.

Once you have your browser, you now want a malware detector.  A good and Free one.

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I usually use two different ones. IO Bit which works well with the others is usually permanent on my computers.

I may use AVG then Avast, erasing the one I’m divorcing.  I now use Bitdefender. I am not faithful to any of them, downloading the free versions, using them, then downloading another product, trying it, and if I like it, I delete what I already have.

If I don’t like it, I delete it and try something else. I can’t emphasize enough that whatever came with your computer is now obsolete.  Every day, as you are about to log off, run your maintenance programs that is the defrag and the disk clean up. IO Bit is useful here.

Delete what you don’t need. Try not to download more than the browser and Viri Detectors. Many ‘free’ games come with ‘free’ malware.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar