A Brief Examination of Browsers – Netscape


Netscape was the first Browser most of us met. It was simple, easy, and it worked. Netscape Navigator was created to work with Windows 3.1.

Before Windows ’95 was created, everyone would download Netscape and set it up.

It was easy and it worked.

As the early Windows system was user friendly, and wasn’t pre chewed,  the User would  set the autoexec.bat. This was a program which was fairly easy to write. One would, using simple language, tell the computer,

“As soon as you come on, bring up Netscape and implement it.”

Out of pure evil, Windows decided to cut Netscape out of the pie, and created it’s own Browser called Internet Explorer.  We called it Exploder.

It killed Netscape.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar