Top Instagram Marketing Tips You Will Find Useful and Effective

When you are planning to establish your own startup, there are certain things which you have to keep in mind and in order to ensure that your Instagram account can help you regarding your business needs is using the various digital marketing methods for the Instagram promotional works. There are different types of digital marketing needs which you must address and with the help of the digital marketing methods you can ensure that you get the various sources of traffic. To a number of people, who are new to the world of digital marketing, finding a proper solution to your marketing needs is often difficult since they are not very adept with the modern methods through the internet. However, when you have a clear conception, this is the easiest option that you have for managing your business promotional needs.

With six million active users every month the Instagram is the best option for promoting any business. There are different types of Instagram features which allow you to promote your business through Instagram easily. If you are looking for tips which you can use for managing your promotional work for your website through Instagram, then you can efficiently use these solutions which are very simple and at the same time innovative enough for providing you useful results. There are different types of marketing methods which you can employ when you are relying on the Instagram for your promotional needs. The users of the Instagram account have a number of advantageous features at hand which is designed in such a way that promotional works through them become very easy indeed.

Always shoot square frame photos

When you are looking for images to share on Instagram, you may think of taking square framed photos. It would help you out in a way since you can save much time regarding the framing and cropping of the image. Since Instagram ideally prefer square frames, shooting the entire image in a square frame would ensure that that you need not crop out essential parts of the frame. It is necessary that the critical elements in the photo do not get cropped out when you are trying to edit the image so that it can be uploaded to Instagram. There are various apps which can help you out regarding square frame shooting if you do not have those settings on your digital camera. Saving your time on cropping and editing would also help you upload more and more images in a shorter time span which in turn would help you to increase the content of your Instagram page drastically. When you have enough content on your Instagram that is interesting, you can rest assured about the exposure that you get from the various sources. The followers for Instagram would be dedicated to your website when you have enough content to offer which are exciting and of high quality at the same time.

Track traffic with link shorteners

You need to have a clear conception of how well your Instagram page is driving enough traffic to your website and whether you are getting enough traffic at all from the social media promotional works. If not, then you can strategize your next moves depending on the shortcomings that you realize by analyzing the present situation. You can use a customized link for your website which you can put up in your Instagram bio. Usually, Google Analytics is unable to track the traffic sources from Instagram since it is a mobile application and this kind of shortener help in eliminating the trouble that they are facing. Do remember to create a different link for your website every time you make specific changes on your site links like adding a new campaign page or similar things. The bio link is the best place for placing the links, and you can also set up an image where you are going to put up the link as well.

Strategic bio link

You have a limited number of words for your bio link, and you can easily strategize the bio link such that people can get interested in things you have to offer in your link. Write the bio such that it can evoke the interest of the prospective clients and they finally click on the link that you are sharing. There are different types of strategic bio ideas, and you can plan the bio well before you eventually publish it to ensure that there is no mistake in it. It is vital that the bio is written such that it is catchy enough for the readers and it can gain more audience when people who are dedicated to your brand recommend your page to others who are likely to be interested in your products as well. You can also cross-promote with partner brands that would feature your products on their page and vice versa. It is an excellent way to make sure that you are getting traffic from the right sources for your business. Cross promotion can also be done by tagging the ally page on your posts and giving them their due credits as well wherever it is necessary.


When you have a precise idea about how to promote your content well, you can make sure that you have enough Instagram followers and consistent traffic on your website. There are different strategic promotional works which you can do for your site and Instagram brand such that you have a dedicated group of followers who are always interested in the latest brand that you have to offer them. It can be concluded that with the help of the right Instagram marketing strategies you can make sure your brand gets the proper exposure.


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