Some tips for getting more blog comments- Share for You

  1. Quickly and politely interact with your blog comments – When anybody leaves a comment on your blog, it’s also the time you need to interact with them the fastest. Always thank them for commenting after that can answer the question,Express their views in agreement with their opinions or if you do not agree you also need to give constructive explanations.
  2. Build relationships with other bloggers – Stay up to date with other bloggers’ posts and leave comments on their blogs. Sure they will also do the same thing on your blog.
  3. Change the word “No Comment” or “Leave a Comment” – Usually the theme (interface) displays the number of comments right below the article title. Experience has shown that somehow you should change this “Leave Comment” or “Leave a Comment” to “Leave a comment” or “Click here to comment”.This can be a good call to action so your readers can click on and start commenting.
  4. Turn off censorship comment – This is also how you can get more comments from readers. Often, new bloggers often turn on comment censorship mode before posting for fear of spam. It is best to let the reader see your comments right away by turning off the feature in the Discussion section of the Dashboard.And anti-spam issues? Do not worry right below I’ll show you how.


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Written by Ngoc Tran


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