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One of the things I like to do is look at the edge of the possible technology horizon. I am an early embracer and adopter of many technologies. Home automation was a thing I chased four or five years ago. Now it is a lot more mainstream, and I look for products that integrate with one of my automation hubs. I still find the reality of uniqueness to be a limiter in the broader market adoption of home automation. There are far too many ways to solve the problem today.

Alexa does a great job bringing together some point in space solutions. I use Alexa today to integrate the following:

  • Bloomsky for temperature and live weather from my house
  • iRobot to turn on the vacuum other than at the planned time
  • Carnary for home security

I use Control4 for the major components of my home automation including home audio/video and other automation tasks (lights).

I started before Apple and Microsoft brought a broader capability to your house. The home automation capabilities built into Windows and iOS are pretty impressive. On my iPhone, I connected to lights and other tools quickly. You can buy a mattress cover that reports your sleep, which connects to your cellular phone. The capabilities and abilities of the home automation space are incredible right now.

Simply select home on your iPhone, and you can connect aware devices.

You can also remotely lock your house, remotely turn your lights on and off, as well as turn your alarm system on or off from anywhere in the world. Automation is the future, but it is also here now!


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