The growing reality of Heads up Displays and driving…

The simple answer is often the right answer. However, it isn’t always the first answer you find. Now when you consider the nature of technology, sometimes the simple answer can be hidden or obscured. One of the things that are interesting right now, but I am not sure it is the easiest answer, is the concept of interacting with your phone while driving. The concept is that of Heads-Up-Displays. I’ve used three or four of the available options to date.

  1. HUD or Heads Up Displays require two things. The first is a good application so that the interaction between the drive and the display is ONLY via voice. That interaction can if it requires touch or looking down, cause an accident.
  2. The screen for the HUD has to be translucent so that in looking at the data on the screen you can still see the road.

Now, there are some other things they require beyond the two rules above. One of those things is the reality of voice control. Voice control is a car (more ambient noise) isn’t as easy as it is at home (Alexa, Cortana or Google Home). While there are cars that have voice control systems (apple, Alexa, Microsoft) the issue remains the ability of the Microphone to drone out the ambient noise.

Wireless displays are coming that are extremely interesting, but improving voice control has to be the number one goal of the HUD systems. Eventually these will be integrated into the windshield of the car further reducing risk. For now, they are small and dash mounted, very interesting product to consider if you drive a lot!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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