Smove arrived, whoo hooo!!!

Smove arrived yesterday. Why do you care well in part because even if you don’t care, I am writing about it? Smove is a device designed to reduce the motion issue with cameras. In particular, it is made for cellular phones. It is a selfie stick with an integrated gyroscope to reduce the horrible shaky camera syndrome problem often associated with cellular phone images. It comes with a very nice application and a very cool box!

The image shared is the Smove charging.

It is, to a degree a slight reversal of some previous comments about selfie sticks. But most of my ire was directed at the ever-expanding reality of selfie drones, not selfie sticks. I did, in my last cloud tweaks post mention knowing selfie drones out of the air with a selfie stick.

I am also not a huge fan of cell phone cameras. In part because of the issue of shake. In part because, and I am still of this opinion, a swiss army knife or a leatherman are awesome tools, but you would take down a 100-foot oak tree with their included saws. I will share some video taken with the Smove device later. For now, it is charging, and I am winding down for the day of posting. Funny how Sunday’s are the one day I really try to relax each week!

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