Smartphone, Camera and Laptop 3 in 1

New York: Computer Planet, has innovated the 90’s innovative inventory and they have made the cosmo communicator, In which mobile phones, cameras and small laptops are builtin together.

This is a startup company who has begun funding for its project, The Cosmo communicator closes and spreads it when opened, which has a 6 inch touch screen, and the standard keyboard that is usually present in a laptop. Smartphone has fingerprint sensor, call button, aerospace, mic and 24-megapixel camera.

Its operating system is open source, while media tech hellio  P70 processor, there are back light keyboard, six GB Ram and other amenities, while Androids Pie 9.0 is its system. Its initial price has been set $ 800, while $ 549 is for those who book it first.

It has been designated by Martin Radford. Reader will remember that in the 90s, Nokia introduced keyboard communicator phones, and this is its modern version, but its design is very attractive and heart touching.


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