The rise of rude and the rise of IoT brokers….

The concept of I am just being honest, and then saying something rude still bugs me. I know it is a thing that many people consider acceptable as they are younger. As you age, you lose the perspective that it is ok to be rude, because you are honest. I think that is one of the reasons we have a generational communication gap at times. Being honest is a two-way street, and one should never use “honesty” as a tool to manipulate.

What once passed for communication has changed radically in the past few years. Now, the reality of communication is someone is always available. They may not take the call, which is their choice, but they are always available. Someone can always be found. No matter who the someone is. That makes editing and communication rules even more critical now than they were 20, 30 and even 40 years ago. Now, what you say is as important as how you say it.

The concept, now changing for this blog was originally going to be an Internet of Things broker. Where the broker would allow an organization to have IoT devices connected to a management framework provided by the broker, that would shield the company from the reality of cloud providers IoT gateways. I don’t care, what gateway you want to use, as long as we have the broker in place to decrease the confusion and provide the integration. The four primary cloud providers all have unique IoT gateways (well Google’s is announced) that handle data and flow differently. One of the things an IoT broker would create is the reality of connectivity and the reality of integration. Where cloud brokers struggled (and ultimately became hybrid cloud management) I suspect IoT brokers if they are built will drive the market for the next few years. With cloud brokers, you are talking about managing 2,3 clouds. With its management, we are talking about companies and agencies that may be managing 1 to 2 million devices. Ergo, the impact of failure is greater.

The rise of IoT brokers will continue to be interesting over the next few years. I do still believe that in the next 3-6 years Cloud Brokers will also arise. I would like to propose my long touted NGO cloud Broker model where the non-government organization could offer a broker with regional, local or national government backing. If we are able to reduce the risk of offering services, by allowing for integrated security and solutions, we increase the easy in which things are consumed.


What do you think?

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