Real face or mask, difficult to recognize

A small Japanese company prepares masks for all over the world that are so realistic that real and duplicate is difficult to recognize. This company, which manufactures mask 100 % same as  human face, is set up in a village in Japan, while its customer are spread all over the world especially in entertainment world.

This small company consists of only five workers and it produces hundred special masks yearly.The value of a mask is $ 2650. The name of the company is Real F Co, which transmits the image of the given image to a mask so specially.

Osamo Kuta Gawo, founder of the company, says that he was thinking of making a mask when he used to work in a company making printing machines, but he took more than two years to dress up his ideas. After which he used 3-D-procedure for face data to make the highest quality photographs, which they use in making masks.

He started his company in 2011, Osamo says he receives a hundred orders from around the world every year, including entertainment personalities, automobile companies, technology companies and security companies. He added he had receive an order from a motor vehicle company in Japan to make a driver mask that could be seen as a sleeping and this mask was made for an awareness companion regarding driving and sleeping while driving.

He said Saudi Arabia has made a request for  a mask of kings and princes, according to the Saudi government, will be used to show portraits in public places. Osama makes his mask from unique plastic, but he says he plans to use silicon and other compounds in the future.


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