Ranting in Social Media

Our lives don’t have a perfect world. Stress threshold had been reached to maximum level and some people cannot handle it. It wasn’t a situation where we can drain out from our system. Dealing with such stressors can be dealing with so many ways. The stress management differs from one person to another. It can be intervened through the old days or modern ways to ease up from stress.

We, as humans need to do breathe from being in the spell of stress. In the modern days, ranting in social media had become popular. It was so easy to spit out the ranting moment of their lives. At some point, the availability and easy accessibility of social media will be the first line intervention for the people such as Facebook, WeChat, etc. They can share what’s running into their mind instantly. It could be negative or positive messages.

There are times that personal rants are too exposed and bashers are too welcoming to jump into the issues or concerns. Personal rantings should not be broadcasted on social media. It is not supposed to be there. Our life is not an open book and let other people know personal information. That’s what makes some people destroyed because of their wrongdoings. It cannot be undone and the readers cannot forget the issues or concerns.

Ranting in social media is not the best choice to breathe out all the dilemmas in life. The old-fashioned way is to talk with close friends or family. They are the support system that cannot be replaced by any social media. Secrecy cannot be revealed through the network and if it does, it can be a fire of giving essential information. Bashers are waiting for them to pull down the person who had a rant in social media. It is so easy to do this without considering the welfare of others.


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Written by Shavkat

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