Persona: Ugly Inside and Out

We usually encounter different sets of people. The most interesting individual’s character is ugly inside and out. With such adjectives to a certain person, it is not bad to be prejudice. This kind of individual is not ideal to be acquainted with. It is not our lost if we end the relationship with them. There is no reason for us to endure the stress-related situation of being ugly from within and radiates outside his or her persona.


Most of us will feel so puzzled why such individuals to be in such character. They might be selfish and tried to pull down people. It is so evident that these people are so insecure about themselves. Being ugly inside and out showed through their actions. They wanted to cover up the real feeling of insecurities.They might be jealous of what others have.

There are some instances that being arrogant is a sign of insecurity and wanted to prove something. They can be fault-finder to uplift oneself. It is a typical self-centered personality. It is all about him or her. They can’t bear to be isolated and calling the attention of others will boost their egoistic behavior.


At the workplace, they wanted to be acknowledged and take all the credit despite working in a team. They can be the hero of themselves and pretend to know everything in this world. In fact, they still have flaws in their existing skills. It adds up to their ugliness inside and out.That seems their behavior mutated to a more uncontrollable egoistic behavior. As a concerned citizen, we can call their attention. If they refused to change, then we can let it go. Let them realize what’s makes them ugly inside and out. Thus, we need to stay away from them and never be upset if they continued to make our lives in misery.


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Written by Shavkat

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  1. Everyone’s ego generally compensates for every deficiency with something, from the really bad, “looks” good, to the really good. People with such characters, acting so, as an unconscious attempt to patch up a large hole in their subconscious. We should avoid them if we unable or do not feel the need to learn from such people, but if we want to strengthen patience and sincerity, they are the best grindstones.

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