Pour in two parts technology and one part connection what do you get? IoT cocktail!

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I spent a lot of time considering the next steps, the next trends and the reality of what technology is. I began looking at, considering and evaluating IoT components for the past couple of years. From smart appliances to sensors changing the world around you, IoT devices are exploding. That explosion remains interesting to me. In part because the market for IoT devices is constantly shifting. It isn’t a set in stone this is what is going to happen.

When I first saw wireless technology I knew, in fact, that what was coming next was more and better wireless. What happened was an explosion of wireless. With IoT, I don’t see only one improved technology. I do see a rise of smart sensors. There are sensors that broadcast all day every day the readings they are taking. As we move into the world of smart sensors they, these sensors deployed, will begin to only broadcast information when there is a change. Today, they broadcast all the time. Eventually, they will broadcast only changes. Where I say this is the range I consider normal, tell me when your readings are not normal.

So that is a direction, smart devices, but the number of those devices is going to be huge. From weather sensors to indoor air sensors the market is huge. Rust sensors deployed on equipment that is outdoors can warn and improve maintenance of machinery. The market is huge. 12 billion devices deployed today (probably closer to 16 billion) means that the number of these devices continues to expand. You can have a seismograph in your home. You can carry a Geiger counter in your pocket. You can tell what the current UV level is, the temperature is, humidity and barometric readings, right on your phone wherever you are standing. The market for IoT and the eventual expansion will continue to be amazing. I knew Wireless was going to take off. I know IoT is going to take off, which part of the IoT market though, I do not know!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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    • That is a question that to answer would take a blog. I suspect in the next 10 years what we see as futuristic will seem pretty tame.

      1. in ten years there will be between 200 and 300 billion smart devices in the world.
      2. The concept of computers will evolve into a more integrated system, your phone is the thing you carry, everything else works with the phone.
      3. The next phase of robotics and AI…

      • Thank you for your visionary vision, Coach. In many ways, we often receive information about future technology, including the things you have mentioned but I still can not imagine the “face of the world” like that. You are right, this seems to require a fairly long description, one blog… hmmm…


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