Potential drone and ROV markets…

I love technology. It started for me many years ago. I was one of those AV geeks in Highschool. I got the projector working and the other technology pieces when the teachers struggled. I was on the Radio and TV crew as a camera and sound person. As technology continues to evolve, I find myself wondering and considering more and more potential things. Lately, it has been drones and boating, not that the two are related, just that it is close to boating technology season and I am a drone addict.

On the drone side, I see so many potential markets opening up and new markets emerging.

  1. Marina boat maintenance – when your boat on a muddy river, things grow on your boat. The “weeds” reduce the top speed of your boat. Using an ROV to show the boat owner how bad it is, would be a value proposition for Marina’s.
  2. Roof damage? Fly a drone over, some companies today are using Satellite images of your home, but a drone gives you the ability to see the entire roof in 4k.
  3. I published a post a while ago about the concept of an absent parent drone. A drone that has speakers as well as a camera. That way you can fly over to the coach and complain about the way the game is being played by your child’s team (so you can yell at the coach even though you are still at work).

The markets are interesting, and a couple of them feel like value-adds. The last one is a joke, but sadly I am honestly afraid it is probably the most likely to happen. Luckily my kids are out of the youth sports age range, so that is one abomination I will never have to suffer through!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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