Now there will be 9 Cameras in the smartphone – Latest Discovery

San Francisco: A US-based cameras company has decided to make 9 cameras smartphones. American camera maker and digital photography company “Light” has announced that would soon offer a smartphone which will have 9 rectangular cameras out of which, 5 to 9 cameras will be used to snap or create a photo.

The company claims that these cameras will be able to take the best photos up to 64 megapixels and also in less light will also be able to give the best results.

This device with cameras will not be too fat compared to the iPhone X, while it will combine different images using internal processing and special algorithms, in a clear and very clear picture format. besides this there will be many modern features in this smartphone. However, the cost of this phone is more likely due to modern cameras.

This smartphone is currently in the early stages of preparation. How long will it take for launching? The company has not told any final date about this, however, it is likely to bring it to the market by the end of the year.

Recently the “Light” company has presented a 16-camera camera with a digital camera called “El 16 Hero”. The Price of which is $ 1950, this digital camera can pull a magnificent and detailed picture of 54 megapixels with its 16 rectangular cameras. However, the upcoming smartphone will be able to draw a better quality image than just 9 rigid cameras.


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