Smartphone and tablets are drying the eyes of the children

Small children are suffering from dryness of eyes due to the continuity watching the tablet or the smartphone screen. Such disease was previously observed in old age people.

Aston University experts have said that children are continuously watching and focused on smartphone screen with out blinking eyes for long time are the basic reason for dryness in children eyes. This situation goes very painful in future and for this, eyes specialist offer eyes drops. If such dryness increase than it automatically convert into blur vision. when the dry-eyed patients arise from sleep. So their eyes stick, therefore, experts from Aston University are now developing an app, which will monitor the eyes of a smartphone user and will warn them in the form of an eye disease.

According to Scientists at the University of Aston, general doctors have lack of proper eye detecting devices and that’s why this app has been developed. Experts have warned that for 8 years the baby’s eyes pass through many changes, and any disturbance caused during this period can result in a long term loss in the eye.

This app will make possible to have detailed survey of dry eye quality in children. This app will also give simple questions about child and elderly eye sighting and nutrition.


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