Mysore Palace

A photo of Mysore Place taken from a smartphone.

Smartphone for click

Smartphone MI is not such a good phone for many reasons but I like the camera quality for a phone. As you can see the quality is not as good compared to DSLR but colors were good.

For a social media influencer who just want to click pics and share on Facebook, Instagram and other sites, you can prefer smartphones than investing a large amount of DSLR.

Stock photography accepts

I have even clicked some statue photos using the same smartphone and submitted to free stock photo websites. Few of my collections are accepted and most common photos are rejected (close bird photo/flower, garden), which I believe it is obvious.

Photographs which were rejected by the team were very common collection they say such photos are already present and too common. So, they need some unique photographs for more engagement.


What do you think?


Written by Morish

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