How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 47

As a writer, you have to pay attention.

Take moderation.   The term suggests that the article is read.    If that were the case, one expects near perfect spelling, grammar, etc.

When one sees articles on a ‘moderated’ site where even the Title is full of misspellings or grammatical errors, there is NO moderation.  There is delay.    There is no reading of an item, there is no standard.  There is NO Moderation. There is only a delay in publication.

The point of delay is to prevent you from reaching the payout.

When you notice your earnings are ‘pending’ for over an hour, this is not pending, this is tricking.

This is playing with your earnings so that you won’t know that yesterday you earned $1.00. You won’t know, so that when the site claims you earned 50c, you have no way to verify.

As there are many applications which do the calculations…. Triond had one in 2000,  understand that the site is playing with your earnings.

When you have difficulty posting an item or an image, this is not a glitch.  This means, you are earning too much and the site needs to prevent you from publishing.  You can’t publish, you can’t earn.

When there are ‘outages’ and you can not connect, this means the site owners are manipulating your earnings.

Few users will, before logging off write down; “$4.80” so that tomorrow, when they log on and see $4.65 as earnings they have proof of the manipulation.

Hence, by having that outage, the owners can go through each account, and chip off a few cents for their pocket.

As more people become aware of the tricks, they learn how to protect themselves.


What do you think?


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  1. Virily certainly seems to be trustworthy in this respect, although there was a time when the site fell over quite regularly. That was when I left for a time, went elsewhere, but am now disillusioned with what I found and have come back!

    • With Virily the ‘moderation’ lie can be discarded. I read an item the other day which was so badly done, from misspelling the names of real people to confusing times, dates, places… if anyone had read it, it could not have been published.

      The pending is another dishonesty.

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