How Online Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 8

The Newbie, the person who just joined a writing site, who automatically grants his or her trust,  is the easiest target.

The Newbie will assume a ‘glitch’ when it fact, it is a deliberate scam.

Which Newbie would think that the Admin Deliberately barred them from publishing? Which Newbie would believe that their earnings are being manipulated?

A Newbie doesn’t even imagine that the Admin is sitting in front of his/her computer, and subtracting 2c from every account.

One of the realities of online writing today is the fact that it is only the rare site which admits something like; “We pay 1c for every 6 views.”  The majority blur the line so that one can never know how much is actually paid, how many views they actually received.

Newbies don’t know that in the early days every site  as upfront about the value of each view and the actual number  of views.

Newbies don’t even know there is such a thing as a ‘hit counter’ that a user can attach to their prose so that the user knows exactly how many people viewed their article each day, and exactly how much money they have earned.

Hence it suits a writing site to go after Newbies, they are easy targets.


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