How Online Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 7

Sites which go down often will chase new users, visitors, even the most loyal members.

When a site goes down, some users assume it is down for good and move on. That it only went down between 10 and 4 GMT could cost it hundreds maybe thousands of possible hits.

Writing Sites take this risk because they don’t want to pay writers. They need to stop writers from earning. The easiest way to do this is to prevent them from contributing.

Another trick is to demand images, yet prevent the writer from loading them. Hence, the site seems fine, the user logs on, types the article,then, can’t load an image. If the writer can’t load an image the item can’t even be saved.

Those who visit or who aren’t writing, don’t notice something is wrong. Only the poor writer whose time and effort is wasted.

Some sites have the nefarious practice of going down so as to manipulate and ‘readjust’ ¬†earnings.

Unless a writer actually monitors the earnings each day, s/he can not be certain if s/ he had $3.67 or $3.65 when they logged off. Owners/Admins of sites rely on this, so will be able to play with the earnings.

This trick must be used sparingly and users targeted. The writer after experiencing the ‘pending’ earnings or the manipulation will take screen shots so that they can confront the Admin, or post on another site, warning potential members of the dangers.


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