How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – part 29

If you go to a site like Hubpages and look at the opening page, the lack of quality will become evident.

You will be scrolling forever down the page to find something you want to read, and it is more than likely you won’t find anything.

Now, if you as a writer, can’t find anything you want to read, why would  you write there?

As an experiment, click on one of Hubpages ‘featured’ articles. Notice how empty it is. How many words are used to say nothing.

This publishing of crap is the major reason sites destroy themselves. Very often this happens because a site uses A.I. Moderation, or the moderator does no more than check for obscenities without reading.

There is a difference between  ‘moderation’  and ‘editing’  and many writers are not that comfortable with someone editing their work. However, sites which seek to be considered quality do have a form of editing, not an A.I.

This is why Hubpages is so low ranked.


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