A New Beginning (Part 12): Comprehension

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We all live in the information age because we have infinite amounts of data at our fingertips.  Even though we have access to all of this info, the problems on Earth remain the same because too many people do not process the information their brains are bombarded with on a daily basis.  Comprehension is an important key to a new beginning.

First, reading is essential.  Reading every day is mandatory so that you remain current with what is happening around you and within this world.  

Next, determine what you are reading.  Figuring out the context will keep your mind in an objective state instead of the me-first subjectivity that is ruining the psyche of this world.

Once you gain understanding, then you must cause for others to understand.  I am not talking about persuading others to think like you.  Give breakdowns of information to others so that they will understand what you are saying instead of giving you an opinion of what you are saying.


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