How To Save Battery On Our Smart Phone?

Smart phone has become quite common these days. Its usage has been really increased in compare to past. So with increased usage people are facing lots of battery problem too. Battery of any smart phone drops really fast with more apps and gaming on the phone. But there are few instructions which we can follow to save more battery on our phone.

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Ideas For Saving Battery On Smart Phone

Switch of the all unnecessary features: Many times user keep on the features even they are not using them. Like suppose if user is using WiFi for Internet then what is need of keeping on the 3G or 4G network for Internet.  They can kill lots of battery from the phone. Same goes for Bluetooth and WiFi. If you are not using it then better to switch off them.

Brightness of the phone: If you are using your phone indoor, then there is no meaning to keep your phone’s brightness at its highest level. You can work on it even with less brightness. Reducing brightness level will help you lot to save your phone’s battery.

Don’t keep your phone in sun light: Keeping phone directly under sunlight is not good for phone. It is also related with battery. It can reduce your battery’s overall life. So, don’t use your phone under direct sun light.

Use original charger: I have always seen that people use different charger for charging their phone if their own charger is not available. Well, sometimes this may damage your phone’s battery and it may behave oddly after that. So it is always advisable to use original battery of the phone.

So this is it. Just follow all these things and you can save your phone’s battery by lot. Hope it will be helpful to you.


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