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Get ’em while you can! Google to End the Nik Software Collection


If you don’t already have these, get them now. When this collection of editing programs first came out, they sold for hundreds of dollars. Google purchased the rights and dropped the price to $150. Then they made them free. Recently they announced that they will be discontinued. There are versions for Windows and Mac. The library includes:

Analog Efex Pro – This is a collection of ten different options allowing you to apply a vintage look to your images. The effects can be fine tuned.

Silver Efex Pro – Use this program to convert your color images to black and white with a wide variety of options including such things as film noir. I use this program quite a bit.

HDR Efex Pro – A variety of options that allow you to produce realistic or artistic HDR images. Use this when there is a wide range between the highlights and the shadows in your image.

Dfine – Use this program to reduce the noise in your image.

Color Efex Pro – This program provides 55 filters which can be used alone or in combination to produce a wide variety of effects.

Viveza – Sliders allow you to control the brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, hue and warmth on your entire image or limit the changes to just a portion. It allows you to enhance texture and details without unwanted artifacts.

Sharpener Pro – As you probably guessed from the name, this program is used to sharpen your images. It helps but won’t perform miracles.

These programs can be used in conjunction with other programs such as Photoshop (including Lightroom and Elements), Affinity Photo (both Mac and Windows versions) and ACDSee Ultimate (probably other ACDSee products as well).

One thing you have to know in advance it that these programs do not provide a ‘Save as’ option. If you use them, make sure that you are using them on a copy of your image. Some will work on RAW images, others only on JPGs.

Click here to download the programs but hurry.


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Written by Gary J Sibio


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  1. Cheers for the heads up Gary, I recently purchased Affinity Photo and Designer as replacements for Serif programs.
    I have seen these before and forgotten all about them, will definitely be downloading when I get on my PC!

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