Facebook, Not For Me – 3

On Facebook  I was contacted by someone I used to know.  Someone I spoke with when we were at High School.   He used to be good looking, bright, had all kinds of dreams.

I would name him a friend.

Happily, I responded to his post.

It was not expected.

Llooking at his image, he is almost ugly, as he’d live a debauched life..   That would be shrug if he wasn’t posting terribly private stuff that makes me embarrassed to read.

Not privately posted, not a PM, but on his page one can read details of his private life.

I had expected to be having great memories and greater reports of his life today.


I friended him, and now, my account is full of his posts.   I think he must  make fifty posts to Facebook every day.

Fifty repulsive posts, with a twisted view of the world.


What do you think?


Written by Chef Lee

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