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Facebook, not for me – end

Considering everything  I experienced,  millions of people experienced, one might think that blocking other members would be so easy. It's not. It isn't that there's a...

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Facebook, not for me -7

On Facebook, a name, an image, doesn't catch me.  If I  know you I will do some PMs.  If not, I don't answer personal questions. Mentioning...

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Facebook; not for me – 6

I was in a different situation.  My friends all knew me by a nickname, and so I had joined in the nick name.  ...

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Facebook – Not For Me – 5

Then there was another poster, I didn't  know, who had opinions I don't share.   He was so open about everything I could probably...

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Misunderstanding Acting

The other day an 'icon' was being interviewed.  He had this attitude as if he had lowered himself to appear in a role that...

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Facebook, not for me – end

Facebook, not for me -7

Facebook; not for me – 6

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