Do you charge your smartphone incorrectly?

We know that our smartphone batteries timing hardly work for a day and  we are forced to charge them again and again. But are we charging the mobile phone batteries correctly? According to a mobile phone battery company, Cadix’s Battery University, its answer is in ‘yes’.

Most people charge battery only when the phone battery is at red signal which is a wrong way. According to Battery University, lithium-ion batteries are very sensitive and pressure on them can reduce their lives. That’s why you have to change your behavior to charge the battery. Its first suggestion is:

Avoid over charging:

Turn off the charging immediately after the battery is full and by charging at night, finish the habit of looking at the phone in the morning. Because the chemical system inside this battery seems to be severely affected. The overcharge of the battery reduces the battery and makes it worse.


Do not charge battery up to 100%: According to the University of battery, it is not right to charge Lithium-ion Batteries 100% and do not over charged and charging extra the process of disturbing will begin inside the battery, but when ever you have short time , charge battery for slightly, which does not have extra pressure on the battery. This means charging the battery at different times of the day instead of charging it with a single go.

Apply the phone plug when the charge is reduced by 10%:  Now who knows how many times to be charged battery in the day. It can be charged if you are at the office or home and battery charge has dropped 10 percent. So keep it charging at different times of the day. Following these tips will remain in the best condition for long-term smartphone battery.

Keep the battery cool:  The heat and temperature are the enemy number one of the mobile phone battery. That’s why do not put the phone in a hot spot. Keep the phone cool as  possible. The battery becomes more hot during charging, and do not keep it in the sunshine while charging. This way the battery will remain in the best condition.

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