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Cyber Tips – Tongue Pullers

You’re on a site.   Could be Facebook, a Message Board, a writing site, any where you can comment.    You make a comment.  Nothing revolutionary, insulting, just a comment.

Someone jumps on your comment, virtually demanding you justify every word.

Where it is a site where people are paid for comments made on their items, and the person trying to pull your tongue wrote that article, well you know why s/he is so avid.

The more you comment, the fatter his/her pocket.

Where the person who is questioning is not the writer,  or there is no pay for comments, you have to wonder what is the reason?

Why is this person pumping me?

There are many types of Trolls.  One of them is the ‘Tongue Puller’.   These folk try to wrap you in a long conversation where they can learn your opinions so they can attack them.

So don’t respond.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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